Sold Items, Popular Designs from My Zazzle and Society6 Shops

Today I thought I'd share with you some of the more popular and sold items from my shops on Zazzle and Society6. Since I like creating several styles of artwork and designs, the items sold will definitely reflect that. Some products are from paintings I painted and some are from illustrations and graphic designs. I am always pleasantly surprised as to which designs and what products customers purchase.

Whispering Woods, Shower Curtain, by ItayaArt

Merkaba, Abstract Geometric Shapes, by ItayaArt

Good Morning Painting, Framed Art Print, by ItayaArt

It's time to gear up for Christmas shopping and all the other holidays that surround that time of the year. I always feel more creative in the fall and winter for some reason and this year is no exception. Thank you to all of those that have helped support me over the years with your purchases and lovely feedback!  :)

Shabby Chic All Over Print Tank Tops and Leggings on Zazzle

Who doesn't love the Shabby Chic style of decor? All that grungy rustic romantic goodness can easily be achieved either by DIY or dragging things down from Grandma's attic. There seems to be a ton of designs for Shabby Chic Home Decor, but I was on a different mission for this article.

I thought I would do a search for other Shabby Chic items such as clothing items for women. I was surprised that there aren't that many Shabby Chic designs on women's clothing items at So, I will share with you a few of the items I rounded up and then I'm off to see if I can add to the design pool of Shabby 'Chicness' for women and girls.

Leggings and all over print tank tops are currently all the rage. Wear a short skirt over leggings and pair a button down shirt with your tank and you are all set. Check these designs out by clicking on any of the images or the link below each image.

What do you think? Find anything you need to add to your Shabby Chic clothing collection? I would love to hear from you in the comments section as to which design you would love for your very own. :)