About Me

I have been creating art through one medium or another for over 25 years. A certain medium can hold me captive for years and then I feel compelled to explore another way of expressing my creativity.

The more traditional means of expressing my art have included oil paintings, acrylic paintings, watercolor paintings and mixed media. For the past several years I have added illustration, digital art and graphic designs to my portfolio.

My artwork and designs have been collected by art and creative enthusiasts to pretty much the four corners of the world since I started in 1992. I am truly humbled when someone collects either my original art or one of my creative expressions for themselves or as a gift.

I am always reaching and searching for something new to create. I have been creating digital and graphic designs for the past few years and love learning something new on a daily basis. It takes a whole other skill set I've found to create something digitally versus with a paint brush.

My creative inspirations include my little Grandson Jeremy, anything that involves a learning experience, and discovering a niche that challenges me to explore my creativity on a deeper level.

Hopefully my art and designs will inspire you to be more creative as well.

Creative Blessings,

Itaya Lightbourne